64 new corona patients will be reported on Sunday in Rotterdam-Rijnmond. This is evident from new figures from RIVM. Rotterdam thus remains by far the front runner in our country.

On Saturday, 29 new infections were reported in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. So Sunday 64. There are no regional figures on the number of hospital admissions. Nationally, this number is declining. The so-called reproduction number, which indicates how fast the coronavirus spreads, has been increasing for several weeks. It is now at 1.29. If the number is 2, then a corona patient infects an average of 2 people within 5 days.

Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam previously expressed his concerns about the increase in the number of corona patients in his city. He wants the cabinet to think about a general mouth mask obligation, as is also the case in other countries around us

Rotterdam-Rijnmond extends far into other regions

The NOS reported earlier today that nationally the number of new infections has been the highest since June 7. Amsterdam follows Rotterdam with the number of new infections, but is not yet half: 29 new corona patients have been reported in the capital since yesterday.

Other regions all remain well below this: three regions fluctuate around 15 new infections, the other regions do not exceed 5. This also includes South Holland South: there have been 4 corona patients since Saturday.

The situation in hospitals shows a different picture

The national Patient Distribution Coordination Center, which publishes the figures on corona patients in hospitals and ICs, will also provide an update on Sunday. Nationally, fewer corona patients are in the ICUs and there are fewer hospital admissions outside the ICU. There are no regional figures. Chairman Ernst Kuipers of the National Network Acute Care and chairman of the board of Erasmus MC is cautiously optimistic. “If the number of new infections does not increase further, the number of hospital admissions will remain limited.”