The number of evacuated schools in Yekaterinburg increased to 151 – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

By this hour, 151 schools had already been evacuated in Yekaterinburg (in the morning it was known about 93 buildings of educational institutions).

The Department of Education of the city administration has published a full list of schools, from where children and employees had to be taken out due to threats of mining, in its official Telegram channel.

Let us remind you that in the morning Yekaterinburg schools received threatening letters by e-mail, which made it necessary to organize a mass evacuation of classes. Judging by the videos and photos that parents and children share on social networks, the evacuation was calm, orderly – the children were dressed, someone was immediately sent home, someone was placed in neighboring kindergartens and sports facilities for the time of checking the premises.

“In those schools where calls were received before the start of the school day, children are allowed to stay at home. The educational process is not interrupted – everyone is given homework assignments,” said Yuri Biktuganov, Minister of Education of the Sverdlovsk Region.

For each case of “mining”, law enforcement agencies conduct an inspection.



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