The municipality of Emmen is the leader with 12 new infections, followed by Borger-Odoorn (11). In Hoogeveen, someone was hospitalized because of corona. No new deaths have been reported. In Midden-Drenthe, no one was tested positive for corona.

A total of five people with corona symptoms are currently in hospitals in Drenthe, none of which are in intensive care.

Number of positive tests, hospital admissions and deaths as a result of the coronavirus (source: RIVM, 12-10-2021)

Township Positive tests Hospital admissions death
Aa and Hunze 1658 (+1) 7 20
shafts 4618 (+8) 72 15
Borger-Odoorn 1840 (+11) 33 15
Coevorden 3419 (+6) 60 32
Emmen 10467 (+12) 187 81
Hoogeveen 5546 (+6) 82 (+1) 42
meppel 2727 (+4) 34 27
Central Drenthe 2361 38 30
North field 2118 (+2) 34 26
Tynaarlo 2001 (+2) 25 25
Westerveld 1138 (+1) 18 21
The Wolden 2264 (+3) 34 26
Unknown 68 0 0

‘Expected fall increase started’

The number of new corona cases across the country has now risen by almost half. In the past seven days, 17,832 positive tests have been registered, compared to 12,016 in the week before. That is an increase of more than 48 percent. The outbreak is now at its highest level since late August. “The expected autumn increase seems to have started”, according to the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

The number of positive tests is increasing in every age group. The virus was found last week in 1434 children aged 5 to 9 years. That is 55 percent more than the week before. Among 45 to 49-year-olds, the number of new G-coronavirus cases rose by almost 62 percent. An increase of almost 75 percent was seen among people in their seventies and almost 80 percent among people over 90, but these are still fairly small numbers.

More hospital admissions

The number of hospital admissions is also increasing. The corona complaints in 281 people were so bad last week that they had to be hospitalized. The week before, RIVM registered 260 admissions, 237 a week earlier. Of the 281 corona patients admitted, 71 ended up in intensive care, compared to 46 the week before.

The number of deaths did drop. In the past seven days, RIVM received a message that 24 people had died as a result of their infection. In the weekly figures, that is the lowest number since the end of July.

R-number increases

The reproduction number, which indicates how quickly the coronavirus is spreading, is also increasing and is now at 1.12. That is the highest level since July 8. A reproduction number of 1.12 means that a hundred people with corona infect an average of 112 others. They then transfer the virus to 125 people, who in turn infect 140 people. The number of infections increases with each step.

The reproduction number is determined every Tuesday and Friday. It is about the situation of about two weeks earlier. Newer figures are not yet reliable enough. Today’s figure of 1.12 describes the situation on September 27. Last Friday, the number surpassed 1 for the first time in weeks.

The GGD tested almost 158,000 people, the highest number in three weeks. That brought to light more than 16,000 infections. For the first time since early September, more than 10 percent of all tests there were positive. Just over 332,000 people got tested so they could go to a restaurant, cafe, cinema or theater. That is comparable to last week, but it did yield more positive tests. Of all people who had an access test, 0.15 percent had the corona virus, compared to 0.1 percent the week before.


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