In its recommendations, the agreement of August 30, 2021, proposed by the Commission for the search for a Haitian solution to the crisis, provided for the establishment of a National Transitional Council (CNT). This council, specifies Lesly Voltaire of the political organization Fanmi Lavalas, signatory of the said agreement, will be transformed into a transitional control body with the addition of two members per department so that all departments are part of it.

” We are on the right path. Correspondence has been sent to the sectors signing the agreement to send their delegates to the National Transitional Council. The political parties have already appointed their representatives, “said Lesly Voltaire on the Panel Magik program, on Magik 9, on Tuesday, October 12, 2021.” By the end of the week, we will have all the members of the National Council of transition, ”he adds.

The National Transitional Council, fruit of the Montana agreement, aims to grant a certain legitimacy to the leaders of the transition. “We are facing six major crises: an institutional vacuum, the assassination of the president, the earthquake, the cyclone, insecurity and impunity […]. There has to be a reaction from society saying enough is enough. We must set up a credible system, because the institutional vacuum prevents the choice of a president and a Prime Minister who are credible, ”underlines the leader of Fanmi Lavalas.

The task of the CNT will be essentially to receive the candidatures for the posts of president and head of government, to analyze them and to choose the leaders of the transition. Potential candidates must be honest, with integrity and have a certain reputation as committed and patriotic people. In addition, people indexed in the PetroCaribe scandal and the massacres perpetrated in working-class neighborhoods cannot participate in this process, warns Mr. Voltaire. “If we really want to put the country on the path of development and security, a lot of people will indeed not be part of the solution,” he insists.

However, Lesly Voltaire adds that the Montana agreement does not exclude anyone. Dr Ariel Henry, the country’s current Prime Minister, can also, he argues, stand as a candidate. “If Dr Ariel Henry wants to become president or legitimate prime minister, he can run for office. He has enough allies with all the sectors that support him to win, ”said Lesly Voltaire.

“We are facing a great crisis. We need a lot of support from society to accept the sacrifices that are going to be made. If you are alone, no one will follow you. What is preventing Ariel Henry from leading the country with the sectors that support him? “, Advances Mr. Voltaire. For him, it is not possible to merge the agreement of August 30 with that of Prime Minister Ariel Henry. “Our agreement was found in a negotiation process with all sectors. The other agreements are agreements for “jobs”, ”he adds, specifying that they have already met Ariel Henry and do not take away the possibility of meeting him again because, he adds, their vocation. , it is not to take the place of the Prime Minister but rather to endow the country with credible leaders.

After the establishment of the National Transitional Council, several scenarios are possible. “After that, you can see the people claiming their departure, whether through the media or through protests. We can also see those who sent their representatives to the CNT putting pressure so that it is the leaders they have chosen who take power, ”says Lesly Voltaire.

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