The noble gesture that Salma Hayek had with Penelope Cruz at the beginning of her career

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It’s no secret that actresses Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz have been close friends for more than two decades. But how did their friendship start? The star of ‘Volver’ tells it all openly.

In a conversation with Ellen DeGeneres, the Spaniard remembers how she came to Los Angeles to record her first movie in the US, Women up. At the time, did not know anybody and he was going to stay in a hotel while filming.

But Salma – whom she only knew by phone – picked her up at the airport and took her home. “You are not going to go to a hotel. You come to my house, because this is hard at the beginning. You are going to feel very lonely,” she said at the time, Cruz says.

The actress continues that at first, she was so afraid that ended up sleeping in Hayek’s bed, grabbing her hand.

Since then, movie stars became great friends and even co-starred in the iconic western. Bandidas.

“Penelope and I are partners, we went hand in hand together, making our way. And how beautiful that after so many years, which are already many, we can continue to be together and with so many achievements: a career, a family, love and also ours. friendship, sure, “Hayek declared in 2018.

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