Starting September 24th, members of the Halo Insider Program will have access to a new preview of “Infinite”. You can register for it until tomorrow.

the essentials in brief

  • A new preview for “Halo Infinite” will start on September 24th.
  • If you want to test the shooter from 343 Industries, you can register until tomorrow.
  • The developer would like to use these tests to collect feedback before the launch.

On September 24th, 343 Industries will publish a new preview for “Halo Infinite”. Access will be given to anyone enrolled in the Halo Insider Program by tomorrow September 13th.

This significantly increases the number of participants compared to the last test. In addition to the bot battles with the Big Team Battle, a multiplayer mode can also be tried out this time. In a video on Twitter, developer 343 Industries explains how to sign up for the trial version.

It also says: “Testing the game on a large scale and collecting feedback from players is very important to us.” The shooter is to be further optimized by the launch on December 8th.

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