‘The New York Times’ denounces that Biden and Trump have tried to get the correspondence of their journalists

The American newspaper ‘The New York Times’ has denounced that the last two US administrations have tried to appropriate the content of the emails of four of their journalists to find out their sources, in continuation of similar efforts with the ‘Washington Post’ and CNN.

The Justice Department has not explained what it was investigating, but the identities of the four reporters suggest that refers to classified information in an article from April 2017 in relation to the investigations carried out by the now former FBI Director James Comey during the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Both the Donald Trump and Joe Biden administrations imposed a gag order to the top executives of the medium, finally lifted on Friday, according to attorney David McCraw. The gag order prevented executives from revealing the government’s efforts to confiscate the records even to executive editor Dean Baquet and other newsroom officials.

The initiative came to light after a last, ultimately unsuccessful, effort by the Department of Justice to seize Google email logs, who operates the Times’ email system, and who had resisted the effort to obtain the information.

Disclosure occurred two days after Biden’s Justice Department notified the four journalists that the Trump administrationIn search of his sources, he had secretly confiscated months of his phone records, as he already did with the ‘Post’ and CNN.

Baquet has repudiated the behavior of the Trump and Biden administrations for his actions, and described the operation as an assault on the First Amendment. “Google has done the right thing, but we should not have reached this point,” he lamented.

The Biden administration tried to “delay the execution of the order” on multiple occasions in recent months “and then voluntarily acted to withdraw it before they were recorded in court records,” as Justice Department spokesman Anthony Coley explained in a statement to the newspaper in which he reiterated the House’s commitment. Blanca with freedom of the press.

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Shortly after, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has indicated that absolutely no member of the Biden Administration was aware of the gag order and it has indicated that the practice of investigating journalists’ emails is contrary to the principles espoused by President Biden.

“While the White House does not meddle in criminal investigations, issuing subpoenas to find out information from journalists working on leaks not a consistent practice with presidential politics, “he indicated.

Psaki has finally reiterated that “the Department of Justice has already confirmed repeatedly that it will not resort to this practice in the investigation of the case.”

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