the new stadium of Krasnodar amazed the architects

It is already being called another visiting card of the Kuban capital.

The second team of Krasnodar is already playing in a small stadium – only 7 thousand spectator seats. The arena is admired by fans, players of visiting teams, and architects.

New brainchild Sergei Galitsky sunk below ground level by several tens of meters. The black panels that cover the roof of the stadium are made of tempered glass, which makes it look like an expensive smartphone from above. The structure, of course, is also expensive – its owner loves luxury, and not so much for himself as for people, for Krasnodar residents.

The stadium was built by the Turkish company Esta Construction, the author of the project is the architectural bureau GMP, which was engaged in the main arena of the “black and green” and the adjacent park. According to the director of the bureau Igor Markov, the interiors are inspired by the aesthetics of the 60s, and the landscape solutions are from the 20s of the last century of the surrealist era.

The Krasnodar-2 arena is not only ultramodern, it is unique. Designers and builders assure that there is no such thing anywhere else in the world. The erection was personally supervised Galitskyarriving by helicopter almost every day. The results of the fantastic work – began in September 2020, and the object was completed this July. On the 17th, the first official match took place at the stadium.

There are two media screens in the side stands, which show not only goals, but also substitutions with images of football players. Chairs – soft and plastic – black, like the roof and walls. Everything is logical, in combination with the magnificent emerald lawn – the club colors of the “bulls”.

Visiting fans and football players of FNL clubs will remember with envy how they played on the handsome “iPhone”. They will not see this in their cities. Well, our young players should be proud of such a gift from their boss. And perform in your field with tripled passion and energy!


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