The new perfume that French women love is also the freshest and most appetizing to wear at all times


we love the clean smelling fragrances and we just tried the new one perfume that the French love and which is also the most fresh and appetizing to carry at all times.

Let's talk about the new perfume that French women love and that will fascinate you...

Let’s talk about the new perfume that French women love and that will fascinate you with its clean aroma.Getty.

there are certain aromas that are becoming the most wanted by the French. Yes, there is a certain mystical air in the style and the beauty that surrounds Parisianswith its low-key, effortless glamor and also it has to do with the fragrances they wear. They bet on colonies with history and lately we are seeing that there is a new perfume that they adore and that is also the freshest and most energizing to always carry. And it is that it has a scent of recently showered so special that there is no French woman who has not succumbed to it and we, after trying it because it has just been presented in Spain, attest to it. We talk about the new perfume Hubert’s Dream Water of Sisleyand perfume that will be all in success everywhere because it is from a firm whose fragrances are always sold out and even more among the French and we are sure that even the very queen letizia o Tamara Falc It will be fans because both are faithful to the Evening Water of the firm, a classic that never goes out of style.

The point is that this cologne will be one of the sure hits for the new season because it is not only fresh and unisex, but also because it is inspired by the memories and sensations of some of the other cologne waters that we have already tried and love. Hubert’s Dream Water of Sisley is inspired by Hubert d’Ornanothe husband of Isabelle d’Ornanoboth founders of the perfume firm that, in addition to the iconic Evening Water turned Country Water in another of his great bestsellers. But what makes this new perfume one of the French favorites is that it is a perfume that smells like nature and they are fresh and timeless that captivates all those who try it for the first time.

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Smells like egyptian geranium that gives it a more dusty touch but at the same time, original and green and also shiso leaves, mint, cedar and ambroxnundoubtedly a forest inspired fragrancein the gardens and with green notes that are of the most wanted. And also, it is a reflection of the concern for the environment and of going back to the essentials and reconnecting with nature. Even 90 percent of the ingredients used in the fragrance are natural with no alcohol base and blend beautifully with the skin. Awaken the senses and improve our well-being. Undoubtedly, one of the colonies that the French (like us) will not take off all spring.

L'Eau Rve by Hubert de Sisley.

Eau Rve by Hubert de Sisley.Sisley.

In addition, Hubert’s Dream Water It is not only an explosion of green notes and freshly cut flowers, but also its bottle designed by the Polish artist Elizabeth Radziwill which is inspired by abstract but impressionistic nature with a colorful and dreamlike universe. So much so that we could imagine Charlotte Gainsbourg oa Isabelle Huppert using this perfume when leaving home.

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