The new official Apple parts are so expensive that in some cases it is better to send the phone for repair

These are the Apple toolkits that you can rent

These are the Apple toolkits that you can rent
Photo: Self Service Repair Store

New European and US right-to-repair proposals have led manufacturers like Apple to sell for the first time original parts for your devices with tools to change them at home.

Apple has already launched the so-called “self-service repair program”, but only in the United States and for three iPhone models: the iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 and the third generation iPhone SE.

Although we know that the Apple parts store will eventually expand to other countries and will also include components for iPads and Macs, this first version has disappointed some users due to its high prices.

The new Apple parts store can be visited at While Samsung and Google will sell their parts on iFixitApple has outsourced the service to an external company called SPOT, which explains why the design of the website is nothing like other Apple websites.

The store has more than 200 parts and tools to repair the mentioned iPhone models, including small parts such as screws and adhesives. But the prices are as high as in authorized Apple services. For example, an iPhone 13 display kit costs $269.95, and a battery kit for the same phone costs $70.99. Instead, a battery replacement at an official Apple store costs $69, including labor, even if the phone is out of warranty.

It is also not profitable to buy the tools separately. A Torx screwdriver costs $13.33, and the website does not give details of its specifications.

However, Apple offers some facilities to save money. For one, you can rent the tool kits for a week for $49. On the other hand, you can trade in the old part for a discount. You get a $33.60 refund if you trade in the old screen when you buy the new one.

What there is no way to escape is linking spare parts to a single device. Apple only allows serial number authorized repairs, which means you can’t buy parts for your iPhone without providing its IMEI. Perhaps this will change in the future (Apple no longer disables Face ID when you change the iPhone 13 screen in unauthorized stores), but for now repairs with original parts will be registered.

If you need to change a screen, battery, camera or speaker on your iPhone, you can now do it with authentic parts (at least in the United States). But remember to take a look at the repair manuals before buying anything because it may be a more complicated process than you expect.



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