The new lever in the War for Talents

The new lever in the War for Talents

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In the war for talent, more and more companies are rethinking recruiting. Traditional job postings are making it increasingly difficult to find a suitable person. Therefore it is time to find new and efficient ways of recruiting.

More and more companies need talent with increasingly specialized skills. The demand for these top professionals is increasing, making it increasingly difficult to attract staff to your company. That is why companies have to become more creative in order to find and keep good employees. But in addition to the famous benefits, there is another magnet that makes your company more attractive to specialists: you. With the development of a personal brand in social networks, you can not only prove yourself as a manager, but also present yourself with the values ​​of your company.

Talents on Linkedin and Co.

But first we have to take a few steps back. Because personal branding in recruiting is the second step in social media recruiting. So why should you look for talent on Linkedin and Co.? Traditional job postings are often inadequate these days. Often you can no longer find the person who is a good fit for your company. Linkedin as a business platform offers the best conditions for successfully tackling today’s challenges. With over 700 million users worldwide, the platform offers a huge network of professionals – making the site perfect for recruiting. Here, talented people can get an insight into the corporate culture and immediately make initial personal contact – with the result that it matches!

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Those who present themselves and their company well and authentically appear more approachable for applicants. The consequence: the probability that the perfect candidate will apply to you increases. But how can you best present your company on Linkedin to attract new talent?

Employer branding on Linkedin

Employer-Branding can be easily translated with the word employer brand. The term describes the message you want to convey to (potential) employees. Your Talent market is the real version of your employer brand. It is based on social interactions and expresses what candidates think of your company as an employer and communicate to others. The most classic measure of employer branding is reports from members of the team who rave about how exciting it is to work at this company. But that can be different from the talent brand, especially if there are negative reports about your company on platforms like Kununu. So good employer branding is not enough. To successfully recruit talent on Linkedin, you need to listen to your employees and provide them with good working conditions. Only then can employer branding function successfully.

Personal branding for your company

In addition to the employer brand, your secret trick in the War for Talents now comes into play: the personal brand. Even if it doesn’t seem like it at first glance, building a C-level personal brand brings a huge amount to LinkedIn. This is how you can comment on topics that concern you and your company. This not only increases your reach, but also that of your company. Because the very people who are interested in your topics are the talents you would like to attract. The interactions also give you more contacts with your target group. In this way you can ensure regular visibility to current customers and target customers. Ultimately, these measures lead to more applications for your job postings. Your personal brand becomes a real force in the war for talent.

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