The new Haval Dargo got a “hunting” version on the way to Russia

In China, the “hunting” version is considered more adapted to off-road, although it is obvious from the documents of Rosstandart that the main parameters of the geometric cross-country ability have not changed, and practical plastic bumpers are put on all Haval DaGou / Dargo. Preparation for rough terrain was reduced to a reduction in the number of chrome parts, the abandonment of the footpegs and the transition to more streamlined rims.

The technical characteristics of the Haval DaGou Hunting Edition have not been disclosed, but journalists believe that the old 1.5 (169 hp, 285 Nm) and 2.0 (211 hp, 325 Nm) turbo engines will remain under the hood, combined with a 7-speed “robot”. There is no information about the type of drive: it is possible that all-wheel drive will be set by default for the “hunting” special version.

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