The new Google TV services for 2022

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More and more people are looking for ‘Smart’ features within their televisions before buying it, aware of the new trend, the technology giant launched its Google TV service more than a decade ago, which it has been improving over time, thanks to its Chromecast device that users can take a conventional TV (with USB connection) and turn it into a smart TV.

In an interview with the international media Protocol conducted with Rob Caruso, director of product management for Google TV, it was announced that the company would be very interested in offering fitness and video conferencing services through the platform.

Although Caruso did not mention specific characteristics of each service, he did highlight and called fitness a “huge area of ​​exploration”Similarly, it was also mentioned Zoom, the popular video conferencing service, as one of the possible additions (it should be noted that there is already another video conferencing and video calling service within Google TV, as is the case with Duo).

The director also took advantage of the space to mention Netflix, because, despite the fact that the video streaming service is compatible with Google, it does not have many of its advanced functions, for example, the platform’s programs cannot be added to the Google TV OS’s own watchlist, and while he didn’t promise a change as such, he did say things may improve as new features are added.

The company is also interested in increasing the amount of free live programming available on the platform, an example of which is the addition of the free Pluto TV service, which incorporated more than 300 live channels into its catalog. Along the same lines, Google TV users have the possibility of claiming until December 31, 2022 six months free of Peacock Premium, a service that provides access to original content, live sports, movies and series on demand, as well as full WWE programming (after free time, the service will cost users who choose not to cancel their subscription $ 5 per month).

Although Caruso did not mention launch dates for any of the aforementioned services, he said he expects them to be introduced “sometime later this year.”

According to figures from Google, there are around 110 million Android TV devices worldwide, plus seven of the top ten smart TV manufacturers use its software, both Android TV and the newer Google TV launcher alongside it.

In order to be a more accessible communication platform for people and allow meetings with teams located around the world, Google has started rolling out real-time translated subtitles across the web and mobile devices.

After announcing the feature at its developer conference last year, the tech giant began testing the feature with small audiences, and has now decided to officially roll it out, though it still has limitations, as it only broadcasts meetings in English to four languages ​​at the moment: French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

The tool seeks not only to be useful in work spaces but also to educational environments, because according to Google, such a feature would work “allowing educators to connect and interact with students, parents and community stakeholders with diverse backgrounds.”

To make use of the function, users should open Google Meet, when they are in a meeting they should click on the ‘More options’ button (the icon with the three points located vertically), then go to ‘Settings’ and finally ‘Subtitles’, there they must activate the option and set the English language to later activate the ‘Translated subtitles’ option and select one of the available languages.

Currently, subtitle translation is available only in the desktop beta versions for the paid versions of Google Workspace Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Teaching & Learning Upgrade, and Education Plus, and it’s worth clarifying once again that the service is It is being implemented gradually, so some users will have to wait at least 15 days to start enjoying this tool.


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