The new defense is looking for a successful launch from the field of Raja Bani Mellal

The new defense is looking for a successful launch from the field of Raja Bani Mellal

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Today, Saturday, the tape of the national professional championship for the clubs of the second division of football will be cut, after a period of preparations that preceded the start of the new season 2023-2024.

This season’s competitions mark the return of the Club El Meknassi and El Kawkab El Marrakech teams, after achieving promotion from the amateur national division, in addition to the relegation of the New Defense Hassani and Olympique Khouribga teams from the first professional division, which will intensify the competition for the two boarding cards, or at least ensure survival.

The most important matches of the first round, which will all take place on Saturday, remain the ones in which the newly-relegated Al-Difaa Al-Jadidi meets Raja Bani Mellal, and the newcomer, Al-Meknassi Club, with Saree Wadi Zam.

Fares Doukkala is a heavy guest for the representative of the city of Beni Mellal, and his eye is on snatching the points of confrontation and imprinting on a good start that paves the way for his quick return to the league of lights.

However, the task will not be so easy, although the Al-Jadidi administration announced its contract with 16 players, in a clear effort to achieve promotion this season.

The new Hassani Defense will take part in this meeting, which will be hosted by the honorary stadium of Beni Mellal, amid several crises, after a group of players, led by goalkeeper Mohamed El Chenouf, wrote to the Conflict Chamber of the Royal Moroccan Football University in order to claim their outstanding financial dues from the club.

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In another match, Rapid Wadi Zem, the newcomer, will receive Al-Maknassi club on the field of the municipal stadium in Wadi Zem.

The “Kodem” is looking for a successful start that will help it continue its quest to return to its glories, as it was the beginning of its decline in the 2013 season, in which it left the elite division.

In turn, the Marrakech Kawkab team is preparing to launch its participation in the second professional division with a strong match, in which it will host the stubborn Al-Ittihad Al-Islami Al-Wajdi, at the Grand Stadium of Marrakech.

Fares Al-Nakhil enters the confrontation while he is in a state of boiling, due to the club’s abandonment of a group of basic pillars that contributed to the team’s return to the second division.

Despite the internal crises, the representative of the city of Al-Hamra, led by the national framework, Radwan Al-Haimer, was able to snatch a valuable tie against Al-Masry Al-Port Said, with four goals for the same, in the preparatory match that brought them together last Tuesday in Marrakesh, to issue a stern warning to his opponents.

As for the other descendant, Olympique Khouribga, its start in the tournament will be from the Grand Stadium of the city of Fez in front of Wydad Fassi.

Fares Al-Fosfat will be supervised by coach Miloud Madker, who was contracted by the team’s new management office, in order to supervise the technical crossbar, succeeding Mohamed Fakher.

Like his competitors, Olympique Khouribga garnered the first three points in his career to confirm his desire to return to the top flight in his natural place. However, the “Waf” will have another opinion, since the match will take place on its land and among its fans, as it also seeks to imprint a successful start in order to avoid the scenario of the last season, in which it suffered two things before ensuring its survival in the final meters of the competition.

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The same motivation overwhelms the rest of the teams that will seek to sign a successful start and collect the largest number of points in order to avoid descending into the hell of the amateur division, which promises a hot start between the competing clubs.

The following is the program for the first round matches:

Saturday 02 September 2023:

The Youth of the March – The Marrakech Accord: (17:00)

Olympic Dchira – Youth Atlas Khenifra: (17:00)

Racing Oval – Chabab Benguerir: (17:00)

Moroccan Setad – Sale Association: (17:00)

Rapide Oued Zem – Al-Meknassi Club: (20:00)

Wydad Fez – Olympique Khouribga: (20:00)

Raja Bani Mellal – Dr. h. Al-Jedidi: (20:00)

The Marrakech Planet – E. The Wajdi Islamic: (20:00)

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