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It’s official: China is on the side of the war in Ukraine Vladimir Putin. Despite Xi Jinping in the first months he preferred not to lose his balance, his position is clear. She proves it, as explained by Federico Rampini, the affectionate phone call from the Russian president for the birthday of the Chinese “ally”, but also the videoconference intervention by the head of the Beijing government at the St. Petersburg forum. In short, if Xi had wanted to distance himself from the tsar, he would have done so long ago.

China is sitting on mountains of wheat.  Federico Rampini, suspicions about Beijing: ready for catastrophe?

To unite these two superpowers, is the analysis of the envoy of the Corriere della Sera, both being “revisionist”. Both Moscow and Beijing intend review the world order designed by the West under US leadership to replace it “with a new order tailored to their imperial interests”. A project that pushes the European Union into American arms: in doing so, the EU “should make efforts at rearmament and political union that are not conceivable today or in the near future. Consequently, it has no alternatives, it must strengthen solidarity. Atlantic “.

Arrogant, because I refused to vote: Rampini's ferocious outburst, who ends up in the crosshairs

A “condemnation”, Rampini defines it: “The Old Continent he condemned himself, with its concrete actions for example in the field of defense, to be the periphery of an empire; he only has to choose whether he wants to break away from the American one to become the periphery of Russia or China. “Even Italy’s influence in Europe pays a heavy price.” Seen by the American media – he concludes – the fact that the country weighs in the economic turbulence returns to be among those most in difficulty, the rise in rates brings attention back to our public debt. Most of the titles dedicated to Italy by the US press in the last 48 hours concern the ‘shield’ of the ECB. “Enough to cast doubt on the Italian leadership.

Federico Rampini, poorer pensions.  The financial tsunami is coming in a few hours



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