The new crossover Dodge Hornet, or Tonale in American style – Autoreview


In the USA, a big premiere: for the first time in the last 12 years, a new model under the Dodge brand is presented here! The Dodge Hornet crossover has become the most compact and affordable car under this historic brand. But in all official materials, the Americans diligently bypass the origin of the car. In fact, the new Dodge Hornet is a converted European crossover Alfa Romeo Tonale, which debuted earlier this year. Additionally, Tonale will also be sold in the United States. But such a relationship is any better than the transformation of the Chinese GAC crossover into the new Dodge Journey for Mexico.

Alfa Romeo Tonale

The name Hornet (“Hornet”) is taken from the rich heritage of the Stellantis enterprise. The Hudson Hornet model was produced from 1950 to 1957, but then the Hudson brand became part of AMC (American Motors Corporation), and in 1987 it was bought by Chrysler. The Dodge brand used the name Hornet to refer to special configurations of its cars, and in 2006 the Dodge Hornet concept car appeared. The premiere of the compact hatchback took place at the Geneva Motor Show, but this project was not developed.

The new Dodge Hornet, 4.5 m long, differs only in the necessary design elements from the original Alpha. Instead of a “beak” – a characteristic horizontal slot between the headlights, and instead of stylized sections of running lights and taillights – straight LED strips. New wheels and a front bumper were installed, additional air ducts were made in the hood.

The interior has also been changed with little bloodshed. Instead of round ventilation deflectors, pentagonal ones appeared, the upper trim of the front panel was redone and the engine start button moved from the steering wheel to the center console. It became less emotional. The media system with a 10.25-inch screen is now called Uconnect 5, although there are no fundamental changes. The basic seats are upholstered with Alcantara, at an extra cost – a leather interior.

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Technically, the Hornet and Tonale are also the same, but only the most powerful power sources are reserved for the Dodge. The base Hornet GT has a 2.0-liter Hurricane (GSE series) gasoline turbo engine, although its power has been increased from 256 hp at 1000 rpm. Alpha has up to 269 hp Torque – 400 Nm. The crossover has a nine-speed “automatic” ZF and four-wheel drive with a clutch on the rear axle, acceleration time to 60 miles per hour (97 km/h) – 6.5 seconds.

The alternative is the Dodge Hornet R/T plug-in hybrid, which won the laurels of the brand’s first electrified car. The front wheels are driven by a 1.3 petrol turbo four from the same GSE range in tandem with a six-speed automatic, while the rear wheels are driven by a separate electric motor (122 hp). Peak system power – 289 hp versus 275 hp in a similar Alpha, and the torque is 519 Nm.

Traction battery blocks are located in the central tunnel and under the back seat, their total capacity is 15.5 kWh, the declared range on pure electric traction (that is, in the rear-wheel drive mode) is 48 km on the American cycle, while Tonale promises up to 60 km on the European bike. You can charge the battery in 2.5 hours from the terminal. And for Dodge, a PowerShot mode has been prepared, in which the electric motor can deliver an additional 25 hp for 15 seconds. In this case, acceleration to 97 km/h will take 6.1 seconds, but this mode can only be reactivated after a pause: the electric motor and battery need at least 15 seconds to cool down.

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Like Alfa Romeo, the new Dodge has Koni amplitude-dependent dampers and basic 17-inch wheels. The hybrid Hornet R/T is equipped with 18-inch wheels and Brembo four-piston front brakes. For an extra cost, the Track Pack is offered, which includes 20-inch wheels and distinctive decor. And the wealth of the variety of branded accessories under the Direct Connection brand is intended to show the Dodge Hornet GT GLH concept, whose name is encrypted “Goes Like Hell”.

The Hornet will be built in Italy, on the same line at the Pomigliano d’Arco plant where Tonale is made. Crossovers will go on sale in the US in December, with the base Hornet GT priced under $30,000. The hybrid Hornet R/T will arrive next spring.



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