the new console that will come after Nintendo Switch generates “concern” –

During the question and answer session with shareholders, which took place after the publication of the year-end financial results, the chairman of NintendoShuntaro Furukawa, ha riferito che la new console destined to happen Nintendo Switch It is currently cause for “concern” for the company.

The consideration comes in response to a question about managing the transition to a new generation of consoles, which is the successor of the Nintendo Switch that has not yet been mentioned by Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch OLED

The “concern” also derives from the need not to alienate the large current users of Nintendo Switch and therefore from the fact of having to ensure a certain continuityin addition to the possible variations of success that can emerge, as evidenced by several fluctuations seen in the past with Nintendo consoles.

“The question of whether the transition to the next generation can be smooth and painless is something that causes us a lot of concern,” said Furukawa. “Based on our experiences with Wii, Nintendo DS and other hardware, it is clear that one of the biggest obstacles in generational transitions is ensuring an easy transition from one hardware to the next.”

“To help alleviate the risks, we are focusing on building long-term relationships with our users. We will continue to launch new games on the Nintendo Switch but also to strengthen the services that use Nintendo Accounts and also the spread of our IPs outside the realm of video games. In this way we intend to build a lasting bond with our users “.

The main problem, therefore, is not to alienate the over 100 million users who are currently on the Nintendo Switch, given that the updated sales figures speak of over 107 million consoles sold. This also ties in with claims made by Furukawa in the past, which seemed to refer to the possibility of one backwards compatibility for the post-Nintendo Switch console: “There are nearly 100 million players annually, and moving forward it is important to consider how we can maintain and expand that number,” the president of Nintendo reported in February. “This will also be essential in the plans for our next console.”



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