The direction of the Council for Transparency (CPLT), ordered the Chilean Navy "the delivery of copies of the logs of ships and submarines that operated in September 1973", when the coup d'état of the general Augusto Pinochet against the government of Salvador Allende.

The decision of the governing body of the CPLT, was adopted based on its legal powers, after receiving an injunction against the Navy that has argued reasons of "national security" to deny the information, said Radio Cooperativa. In a statement, the CPLT detailed its resolution in a case of "denial of access to public information by public entities. "

National security

"In the opinion of the CPLT, the reasons for the alleged reservation were not proven, among them, the security of the Nation and the national interest, determining also that most of the units whose information was required were written off more than 30 years ago, "he added.

In addition, he indicated, the Navy delivered "documents as requested in advance of some of the units contemplated in this application, but corresponding to other years."

The CPLT requested the logs of 11 ships and submarines, among them the school ship Esmeralda, which the Navy denied because its "publicity, communication or knowledge affects the security of the Nation, the national interest and the due fulfillment of the functions of the institution". According to the Navy, this data allowed "to deduce operational capabilities of the National Squadron", and also could "diminish the capabilities of the national defense."

Arrests and torture

The Council determined "the public nature of the background, given that of the total number of units, only one, the school ship Esmeralda, they continue operating and their main function is to serve as a training cruise, "and the rest" the majority were written off according to the information provided by the naval entity website ".

The CPLT emphasized that the information requested "must be delivered within 15 consecutive days from this Tuesday, May 28". The Navy mobilized the National Squadron as part of the military coup of September 11, 1973, using several ships, including the Esmeralda, as detention centers and torture, disappearing in them the trail of several political prisoners.

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