The Ugandan weightlifter who disappeared at a training camp in the Japanese city of Izumisano said in a note that was later discovered that he intends to settle in Japan, the Japanese news agency “Kyodo” reported.

On Friday, it was announced that Ugandan weightlifter Julius Siketoliko had gone missing when he did not show up to present a saliva sample during a coronavirus screening as required.

The Uganda Olympic Committee has since confirmed that the 20-year-old is missing, and said in a statement that the team was “cooperating with the Osaka authorities to try to locate Mr. Sikitoliko”.

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Ugandan weightlifter goes missing in Japan ahead of Olympics

Then it turned out that during his stay in Japan, his world ranking dropped and he would not be able to participate in the Olympic Games, and he, as well as his coach, had to leave Japan.

Later a note was found in the athlete’s room, in which he said that he “will not return to a country where it is difficult to live, and will look for work in Japan.”

He also left a message for his wife in Uganda, which later emerged that he had bought a ticket from a high-speed rail station bound for Nagoya, a large city about half way from Tokyo to Osaka.

The police are still searching to locate the Ugandan weightlifter.

Julius Siketoliko was training as part of the nine-member Ugandan team in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture.

The Olympics, which have been postponed due to the pandemic, kick off on July 23 despite growing concern about an escalation of infections in Tokyo.

Source: “Ria Novosti”