The mystery in the police statement!!  .. Written by: Saif Al-Dawla, thank God

The mystery in the police statement!! .. Written by: Saif Al-Dawla, thank God

Many understood that the official statement issued by the Police Presidency was meant to respond to the widespread talk about actions attributed to the Director General of Police, including his dismissal of a passport officer with the rank of brigadier general and vacating his position at the country’s embassy in Washington in favor of his decent husband, a junior officer with the rank of captain who was working on a staff His office and he had never worked with passports, then he filled the field of the lucky captain with a captain like him who is married to his other daughter, and before that the Asafir had been buzzing weeks ago by appointing his third daughter to the position of an officer in the customs police.
The enigmatic statement in its entirety contains what is called in the municipal language (contempt) to a person whom the statement accuses of being behind the publication of the information, and the most that one can extract from the statement is that he wanted to say that the appointments and transfers that were reported are natural and that they came – according to the expression of the statement – (According to the solid foundations on which the Sudanese police have been operating throughout its 116-year history).
We support the statement of the police regarding the attribution of such actions to the bases on which they continued to operate, but we disagree with him in calculating the period. For these unjust and ill foundations.



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