The murder of Olof Palme, 34 years ago, A solution which is not a

The investigation into the murder of former heads of government have come to an end. But anyone who was hoping for solid evidence, you will be disappointed.

Olof Joachim Palme was on 28. February 1986 murdered after a visit to the cinema on the open road Photo: imago

TÄLLÄNG taz | 34 years is a long time. 40 per cent of the present Swedish population were born in 1986 yet. And that there was even a special Commission of the police, which dealt with the assassination of Olof Palme, probably the most completely unknown. But on Wednesday, the interest was suddenly there again: At the end of a fiasco with the chain of the police investigation should now be solved yet the mystery of who had murdered Sweden’s internationally best known and most respected politicians.

What grew in the course of the two-hour digital press conference of the head of the Palme investigation, it was not the voltage, but the disillusionment. Most of the viewers may have asked: What was meant to be chief Prosecutor Krister Petersson actually there when he announced a few weeks ago, we are now sure to have found the real killer? There is technical evidence with which he could be bound to the fact, he had given then known. Had to pull the trigger of the murder weapon with his finger or a trace of DNA to be?

No, Petersson presented neither evidence nor a conclusive evidence chains. He presented a theory which on this cold Friday evening, may 28. February 1986, could have played to 23.21 at the crossing Sveavägen/Tunnelgatan in Stockholm’s city centre. According to several journalists ‘ questions, he also admitted to self-enter: “this is the best we have. And we do not believe that you can find after all these years, even more.“

Taking into account all other traces of the office of the Prosecutor was in any case Convinced that the man who killed with a shot Olof Palme on the open road, and his wife had violated Lisbeth with a second, be Stig been Engström. To him, “do not pass”, he was undoubtedly in the immediate scene of the crime near. His Appearance had, at least, voted with the description of several witnesses about the man who was running away after the shots from the murder place.

A man holds up a weapon.

With such a weapon Pame should be shot and killed were: chief investigator in Stockholm in 1986 Photo: TT NEWS/EPA/dpa

A stone-cold player

Engström should really be the perpetrator, would have been the 52-year-old insurance employee, a stone-cold player. Hours after the fact, he volunteered on Saturday afternoon at the police station: He had heard a description on the Radio, which is true to him. Because he was not, however, to correct the police this quickly, otherwise the search will go in completely the wrong direction. With the same story Engström reported in the daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladetin your Sunday edition of a Text plus photo and published it as important Witnesses to the crime was presented, which was two minutes after the shooting on the spot.

A few weeks later, Engström demonstrated for the television channel SVT, a reconstruction of the Situation in the night of the murder. He complains about the police not take his statements seriously, and then make a run in the Outfit, the bag the night corresponded to semi – long dark coat, flat cap and on the wrist a hand – Sveavägen. Expo offender exposed really so? Even though he is running so that the highest risk that, in the scene of the crime, the Conviction of the witnesses could grow: “Yes, indeed, it was!”?

Psychologists think that is to imagine: There is a perpetrator, to be in need of this Kick, or actually transferred. The questions about the murder weapon and the motive for the Prosecutor’s office provided no explanation remained.

You could of course exclude anything, says the retired criminology Professor Leif GW Persson. But according to the evidence, which had presented the indictment, should look like the scenario is as follows, stated the criminologist: “Engström comes out of the office on the road, see Palme, thinks “I’ll fucking kill you now”, he has always seemed to be a weapon as large as a small piglets here, he shoots Palme, runs off and returns a few minutes later, quite cool to the scene of the crime.” How realistic this is?

Engström was long as a busybody dismissed

Although a witness had not actually depicted the scene of the crime, the man fleeing with a Engström appropriate description – about 180 large, spool cap, a men’s handbag came Engström for the police as the offender in question. Despite, or because of the constantly changing statements, he was as a busybody dismissed, the disturb of the investigation only. Family members and neighbors in the suburb where he lived for 20 years, to keep his guilt for not imagine. He can no longer be asked. He was found 20 years ago, dead in the bed next to him empty whisky bottles and empty packs of tablets Pain.

The Prosecutor’s office is Engström as a single offender. “We have found nothing, which could point to a conspiracy to close”, says the chief Prosecutor Petersson. It is the second single perpetrator, the prosecution authority presented in the 34-year-long investigation as a palm-killer. With the first she had little luck. In 1988, she filed charges against drug-addicted petty criminal Christer Pettersson. Lisbeth Palme believed him a criminal procedurally questionable to be able to position as a perpetrator identify. In the first instance sentenced, he was canonized in 1989 by the appellate court because of Doubts as to this identification. A recovery application against Pettersson, the Supreme court in 1997 rejected.

Of the numerous theories that suspected from the beginning, behind the Palme murder is no single culprit, but rather a political plot, are now still two left: The South Africa – and the police-track.

The South Africa track suspected the South African secret service of the fact, because no Western head of state criticised the apartheid policy as sharp as palm. A week before his murder he had compared them to Hitler and the mass murder in the KZ’s. Under Palme’s reign, Sweden was at the forefront of the countries that called for a steady expansion of UN sanctions against South Africa. Petersson to handle the track on Wednesday: The public Prosecutor’s office believe it is quite interesting, but this track was “more concrete”.

The dart Board in the party office wore a photo Palmes

For the police to track, the service and the military, posed by an Anti-palm conspiracy within the police and the secret, there could be possibly even Connections to Engström. As a member of a rifle club, he could handle weapons and was rates in Taby, a local politician of the conservative “Fashion”. A party in which the “Palme-hate”, as he was called at the time in the media, was widespread. The dartboard in the local party office in Täby was provided with a photo Palmes: A hit to the eyes gave the highest value.

The image Palmes as a “national traitor”, the Sweden wool to sell to the Soviet Union, was in military and police circles widely used. “We just had a police corps, the despised and the murder victim and struggling,” says the lawyer and author Thomas Engström. He speaks of a “complete coup”.

The Ex-members of the army Engström frequented regularly in circles of high officers. Also in such a conspiracy intentions? But a conspiracy would make use of, of all things, a man such as Engström? And what connection there may be with the fact that the Skandia insurance company, worked at Engström, the Headquarters of the Swedish section of the “Stay Behind” housed – the secret para-military underground organization of the CIA and NATO? 34 years is probably too long a time to such questions yet to be resolved.

Against the dead is not a process that can be led. Because for the Prosecutor’s office is now the identity of the perpetrators Engströms is against him but no charges more may be charged are at the same time all of the investigations in the murder of Palme completed. No court will deal with the Palme murder. At the end of a “solution” that is actually no, and especially confirm the suspected from the beginning, the true perpetrators should be found in order. “Better fodder for conspiracy theorists can’t simply not be possible”, says Leif GW Persson.