Due to the heavy rains that have occurred during the weekend in the municipalities of Mistrató, Bethlehem of Umbria and Guática to the west of the department, The levels of the Risaralda River have increased as it passes through the municipality of La Virginia.

For this reason, the relief agencies of this town activated a yellow alert, given the risk of suffering new emergencies, such as those registered a few weeks ago.

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According to Captain Jairo Gallego, commander of the La Virginia Fire Department, With the aim of preventing new emergencies derived from the rising of the Risaralda River, exhaustive monitoring of the tributary is being carried out.

“We generated a yellow alert due to the growth of the Risaralda river, because torrential rains have occurred in the upper part of Mistrató, which increased the river flow to 90 centimeters, a measurement that is quite high. There were also rains in Belén in Guática that increased the levels of streams that flow into the Risaralda River ”, explained the commander of the La Virginia Fire Department.

A few weeks ago the Risaralda River overflowed in La Virginia, after causing the rupture of several of the gardens that protected the municipality, which is why floods were generated in most of the neighborhoods, leaving some 20 thousand people affected, according to the authorities’ report.

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In the midst of this past emergency, neighborhoods such as San Carlos, El Progreso, Tangarife 1 and 2, Bayron Gaviria, Luis Carlos Galán, Santa Fé, Portobello, El Prado, Los Almendros, Alfonso López were affected, many of which had never been flooded.