The municipality of Breitenbach sells building land exclusively for residents

A beautiful view, in the middle of a quiet neighborhood. There are currently four single-family house plots advertised in Breitenbach SO. If you want to bid, you have to meet certain requirements. After purchase must be built within two years, during this period resale to third parties is prohibited, otherwise the land must be returned to the municipality at the original price. Bids may only be made for one parcel, on which only one plot of land may be built afterwards. And: The bidders must have lived in the municipality of Breitenbach since at least the end of March and not yet moved away again.

At the last census at the end of December 2021, Breitenbach had 4054 inhabitants. Calculated for the Swiss population, that is just 0.046 percent of all residents. The municipality of Breitenbach acquired the land in 2018 through the purchase of an inheritance. On August 8th, she wants to auction the four plots, each between 830 and 870 square meters, as the “Solothurner Zeitung” reports.

Municipal assembly has decided

There is only little building land left in Breitenbach. It was therefore decided at the community meeting that only people from Breitenbach were allowed to buy. According to the municipal clerk, zoning is hardly possible with the new spatial planning law and the existing building land reserves are not for sale.

Breitenbach wants to start the auction on August 8 with a minimum bid of 650 to 750 francs per square meter, which roughly corresponds to the current average price in Breitenbach, says the municipal clerk. The community would not get rich from the business. (lui)

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