The multimedia test of the powerful Huawei Watch Fit 2

Huawei Watch Fit 2: the beautiful AMOLED display.

It weighs only about forty grams and knows how to be very discreet on the wrist. The Huawei Watch Fit 2 goes even further than the previous model for a price of just under 150 francs. What is the concentrate of technologies whose autonomy can reach 10 days?

As soon as you get started, this small watch with its beautiful and generous 1.74-inch AMOLED screen seduces with its overall design that is minimalist, simple and functional at the same time. The thinness of this connected gadget and the simplicity of its operation will convince a lot of people… In addition, the synthetic bracelet is very pleasant on the wrist.

Very simple start-up

After downloading the health application on your smartphone (iOS or Android), simply scan the QR code displayed on your watch and follow the instructions. In my case, after a first update, a second soon followed… This phase only takes a few minutes.

As on other Huawei watches, the Health application allows you to follow your progress and manage the appearance of your watch. We can therefore easily choose dials or install applications like Petal Maps since the last update. It is also possible to very finely adjust the notifications that arrive on the small screen: very significant!

A remarkable heart rate monitor

Obviously, I couldn’t resist testing this connected watch during various walking sessions and bike rides. To judge the accuracy of the heart rate monitor, I relied on the indications of the Polar Grit X Pro Titan coupled with an H10 chest strap, which remains a safe bet.

Again, we have to admit that Huawei sets the bar very, very high. Indications measured at the wrist are almost as accurate as Polar’s chest sensor, which is still slightly more responsive, but not much. On the wrist, this Huawei does better than the Polar Grit X Pro, about four times more expensive… Yes…

In Huawei’s Health application, presented several times here, you can analyze your sleep, relive your sporting achievements, check that your blood oxygen concentration (SPo2) is correct, etc. the measurement of his stress can also give food for thought… A real health data center, very well done.

Huawei Watch Fit 2: Health app.
Huawei Watch Fit 2: Health app.

The essentials at the rendezvous

Even if this watch does not benefit from the Apple Watch application ecosystem, it allows you to take calls or call your favorite contacts after choosing them on your smartphone. The sound is excellent, like the microphone.

Obviously, you can control the music broadcast from your smartphone in your headphones without any problem. Overall, in terms of ergonomics, Huawei plays the card of simplicity and intuitiveness. The right key reactivates the screen and accesses its applications. Formidable on this very precise touch screen.

Ergonomics and endurance

With your finger, a swipe from left to right allows you to go back. By sliding from top to bottom, you can access a choice of quick functions, such as the possibility of putting it in night mode or activating the screen for five minutes. You can also ring your smartphone. On the recharging side, the magnetic accessory must be handled delicately so that it holds.

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In short, once again Huawei signs a magnificent watch with very fast assisted GPS and among the most precise heart indications on the market. On the autonomy side, it must be specified that if you permanently activate the screen during your sessions, the watch will last about three days. Obviously, during a more normal use, we reach the week, or even more…

Xavier Studer

Huawei Watch Fit 2: specifications.



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