The moving message that José Ramón Fernández dedicated to his student

André Marín worked with José Ramón Fernández for several years. (Pedro Mera/CUARTOSCURO)

André Marín’s state of health has given a lot to talk about in recent days. His recent appearances on the show The last word, the most important of Fox Sports, turned on the red lights on social networks. Several users pointed out that the deterioration of their health was already very evident. After the flurry of comments, the network announced in a statement that Marín would be off screen for a while to continue his recovery.

After this announcement, several sports media personalities expressed their solidarity with the presenter. But certainly no message stood out as much as the one from Jose Ramon Fernandez. “André, I hear that you are in poor health. You are a very professional man, but first is your health. I wish with all my heart that you get well soon. Good luck André and a big hug, André”, tweeted the ESPN commentator. The responses to the tweet showed respect for both: to Marín for the moment he lives, and to Joserra for putting aside the differences he had in the past with one of his most outstanding students.

The war was always one-sided, at least on a public level. In 2008, Fernández accused Marín of being a central part of the machinery that operated against him to force him out of the TV Azteca sports area in 2006. “André came to Azteca without knowing how to do anything. He had no father or mother, in the good sense of the word. Today he has no mother, in the bad sense of the word. He learned something, not everything. He didn’t even go to school, he left all the schools, he was a donkey. He was one of the men who most looked for the possibility of going out, taking advantage of an illness (José Ramón suffered peritonitis after returning from the 2006 World Cup). He went with the company authorities. He spoke ill of one, of the other. He moved his nets,” said Fernández in an interview with The universal.

During the five years after Fernández left TV Azteca, André Marín remained one of the main faces of the company, but the trident consists of Luis García, Martinoli and Campos received great attention at the media level. Finally, Marín left Azteca in 2011 and signed with Fox Sports to become direct competition for his former boss and teacher. During all these years, Marín never expressed any opinion about Fernández.

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Marín and José Ramón participated in a Telcel commercial in 2014, but their dialogues were cut, that is, they did not coincide on screen at any time, even though they appeared to be speaking. The real reunion came in 2017. Univisión organized a meeting between commentators from Televisa, TV Azteca, ESPN and Fox Sports, to raise funds for the earthquakes that shook various areas of the country that year. André Marín and José Ramón were two of the main guests. During almost the entire program, their interaction was zero. But the moment has arrived that everyone has been waiting for for more than ten years.

Edgar Martínez, presenter of the network, encouraged Joseph and André to shake hands as a sign of the union that should prevail for Mexico at such a delicate moment. André Marín had a few words for his teacher: “The first thing: I never answered anything. The second, I will never answer anything. The third: I’m a grateful guy. And what I know I’m going to take with me to the grave.”. With glassy eyes, José Ramón rose from his seat, shook Marín’s hand and gave him a hug, in what was undoubtedly the most emotional moment of that broadcast.

Marín has spoken publicly about the illness he suffers from: Clostridium difficile. “It’s an infection in the stomach that, if you don’t take care of it with very strong antibiotics, You can get to perforate the intestines and pancreas. You don’t know how it can get to you because my doctors told me that you can even take it in the ice from a restaurant and it tears your stomach to shreds. It’s not a simple infection, what happened to me was much stronger,” said the commentator in an interview with Javier Alarcón in 2020.

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In social networks, there was also criticism of Fox Sports, as many users pointed out that the deterioration in Marín’s health could already be noticed for some time, and only until the case went viral did they choose to rest him give.


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