The movies and series that premiere this week

every week Netflix incorporates new content to its catalog and always has an ace up its sleeve. While last week the stars of the platform were the end of Luis Miguel: the series and the return of Lucifer, will now deliver the long-awaited part 2 of Lupin, the French series that fell in love with the public and left them wanting more.

In addition, the streaming giant will bring these days two of its highlights in terms of movies and that we have recommended among the must-see productions of this month: Tragic jungle Y Skater Girl. As always, the service also includes family, anime and documentary content, so that its subscribers have many proposals.


June 10th

Locombians: Four of the funniest and spiciest Colombian comedians perform before a post-quarantine audience eager for their stories.

11th of June

Lupine: Part 2: Pursued by Hubert and his henchmen, Assane struggles to find Raoul while trying to come up with a grand plan to expose Pellegrini’s crimes.

June 12

Love (special guests: marriage and divorce) – Season 2: Another season of comings and goings and problems in the “happy” marriages of three women who work on a radio show.


June 9

Tragic jungle: To escape an arranged marriage, a woman goes deep into the Mayan jungle, where untamed nature fuses the human with the supernatural.

Disomnia: After humans lose the ability to sleep, an ex-soldier fights to save her family while society and her mind are thrown into chaos.

June 10th

Deadly machinesIn a post-apocalyptic world, a girl and her rebellious friends seek to stop the giant mobile city of London from destroying everything in its path.

11th of June

Skater girlAfter discovering a transformative passion for skateboarding, a young woman from rural India must navigate a variety of challenges to achieve her dream of racing.

June 13th

BumblebeeIn 1987, Bumblebee flees from the Decepticons and takes refuge on Earth. After a young woman with a painful past stumbles upon him, his enemies return on the prowl.

Documentaries and specials

June 13th

Women in science: With gender inequality as a common denominator, a biologist, a geologist and a chemist share their experiences in science and their desire to transform it.

Children and family

11th of June

The Teapot Dragon: Eager to reunite with his childhood best friend, a boy named Din knows the magic of possibilities thanks to a dragon capable of granting wishes.


11th of June

It shakes: In Manila, where mythical creatures from Philippine folklore hide among humans, Alexandra Trese becomes fully involved in the fight against the criminal underworld.

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