The mouthpieces of bribery continue to justify the actions of the Janjaweed militia by blaming the Kizan and the remnants!!  .. Written by: Abdul Ghani Breish Fayouf – Sudanile

The mouthpieces of bribery continue to justify the actions of the Janjaweed militia by blaming the Kizan and the remnants!! .. Written by: Abdul Ghani Breish Fayouf – Sudanile

Not in secret or under the cover of darkness, but openly during the day, these distorted media trumpets are active, some of them work with direct bribe from the state of the Zaabout family, which is greedy for the land and wealth of Sudan, and others are just mercenaries on social media, appearing on request, receiving the price directly from the family Daglo, to justify not only the actions of the Rapid Support militia (Janjaweed) in the capital, Khartoum, but also to deny the occupation of hospitals, electricity and water stations, and Walakh by these militias.
Those trumpets are trying to convince the Sudanese that the ongoing war in Khartoum and some areas in Sudan is behind it the kizan and the remnants, and they are always (a short precaution) for those who suffer from the phenomenon of diarrhea in thinking or mental laziness.
These trumpets, dear reader, know with certainty that the Sudanese people overthrew the Kizan and the Islamists with a great popular revolution, and these devils will never return to power under any circumstances, but the trumpets of the Diqlo family, in their desperate defense of the Janjaweed militias, bark day and night – this is war Kizan and remnants, as if the people are so stupid!!
This fluctuating group, right and left, seeks to spread rumors in various means of communication and the media, claiming that the Sudanese army – the army of the Kizan and the remnants, and they are the ones who ignited the war, and the aim of this misleading and fraud is the sums of money paid.
Thus, the Janjaweed trumpets began with a strange concoction to falsify the truth, so they took the center of the attack to evade the strategic line of defense, to score the despicable goal in the range of brains subject to washing, in order to program the acquired initial immunity to submission.
For a month and a half, since the Janjaweed Diqlo coup, the Janjaweed terrorist militias have tried to employ paid media mouthpieces and media arms to be effective platforms in defending their lies and betrayals, but the sun cannot be blocked with a sieve, because the behavior of the Janjaweed in Sudan is sufficient to reveal the truth. These terrorist militias come from all parts of Africa.
So far, these media mouthpieces, which were established by the Janjaweed militia, have not succeeded in the task. Rather, they have despaired and frustrated, and started talking on social media about regional and tribal targeting and other nonsense, despite the empty arrogance pursued by their leaders – by saying we control 90 % of the Sudanese capital.
The Sudanese people, with all their sects, were able to overthrow the most powerful dictatorship in Africa, represented by the regime (the lower Kizan), and they are therefore immune from all misinformation and are not deceived by such Janjaweed rumors, and they are confident in their ability to defeat the Janjaweed militias, and achieve the great goal of establishing a civil order Democracy, long or short.
This war, which is taking place in Khartoum, is not born on April 15, the day the current war broke out. Rather, it is a war that was planned very carefully, since the success of the December 2018 revolution, and it is a plan concocted in the capitals of the countries that counter the Sudanese revolution. As for the trumpets, they are, in short, just tools to achieve the goal of these states, and by achieving them or failing to achieve them, these tools will be hidden from existence or obscured by the media, so they will turn from trumpets into dead bodies.
In any case, the fault is not the fault of the Diqlo family and the countries of the Arab axis of evil. Rather, the fault here lies with those who accept themselves to be (trumpets), through whom blowing is carried out only when needed.
The trumpeter cannot blow when he does not find a trumpet… Are those who have accepted to be the mouthpieces of the Janjaweed militia aware that these militias will soon disappear, and at that time these trumpeters will become without a trumpet to blow?
The Janjaweed must be defeated.
This war will pave the way for a new Sudan.
For God’s sake.. How can these trumpets justify the behavior and actions of the Janjaweed, while blaming the fallen Kizan in advance.. It is hypocrisy and opportunism?

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