The mother of the murdered musician: “The funeral is the redemption of Naples”

The mother of the murdered musician: “The funeral is the redemption of Naples”

“Giovanbattista’s funeral must be the funeral of Naples’ redemption. It must be a historic event, both the rebirth of the city”. Daniela Di Maggio, the mother of the musician killed in Naples, in tears, called for a great mobilization for the day of the funeral, which will take place on Wednesday 6 September at 15 in the church of Gesù Nuovo in Naples. “I ask all the musicians to participate. I ask Osimhen and the Napoli players: please, participate too. So many and many will come and the ugly people of the city will return to the saettelle (the manhole covers, ed). On occasion of the funeral the mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi, has ordered the city to mourn. The archbishop of Naples, Domenico Battaglia will preside over the ceremony. The woman, who took part in a garrison promoted by the parliamentarian Francesco Emilio Borrelli, is asking for a law in name of Giovanbattista and a square dedicated to him. A law that provides for a lowering of the imputable age and certainty of the penalty. And Borrelli also called for the removal of parental authority from criminal parents. On August 31, Daniela waited in vain for Giogiò to return home , but it didn’t happen: “I saw him: his face was swollen, a bullet in his chest. ” Then she went out, put on her son’s shirt, pinned the pin she wore on his jacket when he went to play, sprayed her deodorant and went to Piazza Municipio, very central in Naples, and cried. Right there where yesterday at dawn a sixteen-year-old boy killed his son with three pistol shots. The confession of the sixteen-year-old murderer Valeria Veschini confirmed to the examining magistrate of the Juvenile Court of Naples the confession made during interrogation at the police station, the 16-year-old who at dawn on 31 August last, in the very central Piazza Municipio, killed with three shots of gun the 24-year-old musician Giovanbattista Cutolo at the height of a dispute that broke out over a badly parked scooter. The hearing lasted about an hour and a half. The young man – according to his lawyer, the lawyer of the Court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere Davide Piccirillo – seemed more aware of the tragedy caused and with a more submissive attitude than that shown on the occasion of the arrest. He told the judge that he only defended himself and that the gun – found and owned by the group – was passed to him by one of his friends, an adult, who took part in the brawl. The young man reported that he fired while Cutolo was coming towards him threateningly. The investigating judge tried to get the suspect to tell him what the origin of the gun was and above all which of the boys involved kept it. Prosecutor Francesco Regine asked the judge for precautionary custody in prison for the 16-year-old while the lawyer instead invoked house arrest or, alternatively, custody in a community. The judge reserved the decision that should arrive in the next few hours. Reproduction reserved © Copyright ANSA

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