The mother of a murdered thief asks for justice: “My son just went out to steal like every day”

A young man was killed when he tried to rob a bus in Guatemala. The mother’s words asking for justice quickly went viral.

According to police sources, two criminals tried to rob a bus, when a passenger shot at them, killing one of them.

Thus, after the tragedy, the mother of the murdered thief demanded justice. “My son got up early to rob the buses, as always, but they killed him,” said the mother of the murdered young man and the phrase went viral on the networks. In addition, she added that he “didn’t shoot anyone, he just mugged them.”

They are Josué García, alias “El Tortolita”, and his partner Alfredo Barillas Herrera, who had boarded an “Esmeraldas” transport group that came from the municipality of Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa, in the department of Escuintla, with the intention of rob passengers.

“El Tortolita” died instantly while Barillas managed to get out of the vehicle, but when trying to escape he twisted his ankle.

On the other hand, the Police confirmed that the criminal known as “El Tortolita” had a criminal record for the crimes of robbery, possession of drugs for consumption and extortion.

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