The most popular performers in Russia have been named: Music: Culture:

Music streaming service Spotify analyzed the interests of listeners in honor of the anniversary of its launch in Russia and named the most popular artists in the country. This is stated in a press release received by the editorial board of “”.

Rapper Morgenstern was in the first place in the rating as a solo performer, whose tracks Russian users of the music service listened to most often. Following him in this list are Scryptonite, kizaru and LSP. The top five is closed by hip-hop artist Pharaoh, who displaced Boulevard Depo to sixth place. They are also followed by Slava Marlow, GONE.Fludd, Mayot and Max Korzh. This showed that the trends have not changed much since last year, hip-hop and rap still remain in fashion.

According to Spotify, Alena Shvets became the most popular solo artist in Russia, displacing American Billie Eilish to second place. Pop star Ariana Grande is in third place, followed by Dora, Zivert, Zemfira, Lana Del Rey, Dua Lipa, Klava Coca and Halsey in the top 10.

It is noted that South Korean BTS (first place) and Blackpink (eighth place), as well as hip-hop artists Miyagi & Andy Panda (second place) and $ uicideBoy $ (fourth place), were included in the list of the most listened to groups, but a significant part of the rating are rock bands. The third place was taken by “The King and the Jester”, the fifth – by “Naughty Molly”, followed by the punk-rockers “Pornofilmy” on the sixth line. On the seventh position were “Kino”, on the ninth – “Nerves”. The top ten was closed by the St. Petersburg Kis-Kis formation.

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