The most original gifts for Father's Day are on sale at Tiger, for less than 10 euros!

The most original gifts for Father's Day are on sale at Tiger, for less than 10 euros!

With the arrival of March the Father’s day is getting closer and there are many who are already thinking about the ideal gift for this special day. With just a couple of weeks in advance, it doesn’t hurt to think about some proposals and if your idea is something cheap and original, Tiger it can be your great ally.

Some people prefer to celebrate with the whole family by going to eat at a restaurant and others prefer to enjoy the day with their children doing some activity. However, it never hurts to have the odd detail with your father and surely after seeing this selection of Tiger proposals Can you think of something special to give as a gift?

camera shaped photo album

For those more original who prefer to make an emotional and personalized gift, a photo album can be a great idea, especially if it is as original as this one. camera shaped album. Has capacity for up to 100 photographs and has positioned itself as one of the best-selling products of the Danish brand. You can find it for only 4 euros.

Self-stirring cup

If you are one of those who makes functional gifts, one of those that you can use daily, we have an idea for you that is also highly original. It is a metallic cup with the phrase “For lazy lovers» on the front part that has a particularity: you can remover your content at the touch of a button. Spoons are overrated! It is available at a price of 7 euros.

magnets to paint

If you are looking for something original that the little ones in the house can give as well as having fun doing it, we have a proposal that will surprise you. It’s about a paper with magnet with which your children can express all their imagination with drawings of all kinds for the blank part. You only have to cut them out and you can give away a whole collection of custom magnets! It has a price of 3 euros.

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This is just a selection of the large number of products that you can find in Tiger, both in its physical stores and on its website. It has products of all kinds, some of them the most originalso we are sure that you will be able to find the perfect giftDo not be catched by the bull!



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