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MIR exam 2021.

The date for the exam ME 2022 is close and more than 13,000 graduates in Medicine are immersed in the last days of preparation. In order to make the task easier for the students, Medical Writing goes into one of the specialties that make up the test. On this occasion, to address the branch of Immunology, an “essential” specialty to understand many diseases, the newspaper has the collaboration of Sarah Calleja, immunologist and former member of the Spanish Society of Immunology (SEI).

As the immunologist points out to this medium, traditionally questions about the specialty of Immunology in the MIR exam they have been divided between the topics that address the cellular and molecular part (what is known as Basic Immunology or Physiology of the Immune System) and the part more related to Clinical Immunology, especially highlighting the immunodeficiencies primary and secondary, transplant and the immunotherapy (Immunological treatments, immunogenetics and vaccines).

Calleja recalls that the MIR exam “does not have a restricted agenda”, but any knowledge related to Medicine can be questioned. For this reason, the specialist considers that the MIR study consists of “knowing the behavior of the exam historically, glimpsing the trends and prioritizing the study”. In this regard, it highlights that, traditionally, it has been relevant to know the physiological mechanisms of the immune response, know how to resolve and identify clinical cases of immunodeficiencies and apply this knowledge to immunotherapy questions.

“Often when studying for the exam, students discover that the Immunology is a specialty and subject that is essential to understand many diseases and the keys to advances in therapies that have revolutionized Medicine of the last three decades, from cancer and infectious diseases, to transplants and autoimmune diseases and allergies”, underlines the immunologist, adding that, in many cases, doctors during the study of the Bachelor or Degree in the faculty “they do not perceive this global vision”.

What weight does Immunology have in the MIR?

The total number of questions on the MIR exam has undergone various changes in recent years, the structure changed in 2019, when the exercise went from being made up of 225 questions at 175 and does it again for the next call, in which there will be 200 questions, plus 10 in reserve. Despite these oscillations, the specialist assures that the subject has maintained a stable number of questions, “directly identifiable with the speciality”. (from 4-6), so their relative relevance “has not decreased”.

In addition, he adds that Immunology is also present in questions from other subjects, such as Rheumatology, Dermatology, Hematology, Digestive The Pediatrics, in which applying the concepts learned in Immunology help their correct resolution. “This is nothing more than a reflection of the transversality that Immunology and Immunology specialists have in the real daily practice of Medicine”, he assures.

Tips to face the MIR

Structure the subject and do an intense and directed study. That is the first piece of advice that the specialist offers to applicants who will take the test in just a few days. “The MIR exam is, in my opinion, one of the fairest systems in that effort and reward are usually directly related,” adds Calleja, who is clear about the following recommendation: “Put passion and enjoy in the as the pressure allows, since where we put the emotion is where we put the memory”.

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