Rania from Jordan it’s birthday He August 31, 1970 he came into the world in Kuwait the one who, decades later, would become one of the most beloved monarchs in the Middle East and most followed for her wise taste when it comes to choosing clothing. She is an icon of elegance inside and outside the borders of the country that welcomed her after marrying King Abdullah of Jordan in 1993. She has a little more than 10 million followers on Instagram, which, without a doubt, reveals the curiosity that all their movements arouse. The Queen has celebrated this special date surrounded by her family in the strictest privacy. One day before was seen surrounded by rural women from the village ‘Hawar‘ to celebrate a ‘pre-birthday’ of the most ‘folkloric’ and fun. She was seen enjoying it beautifully, as she herself shared on her networks. .

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Rania from Jordan rubs shoulders with the ‘common people’

Rania from Jordan celebrates her 53rd birthday surrounded by rural women


this year has been one of the busiest in Rania’s life. It is not for less. He has had to organize the weddings of her daughter, Princess Iman, with Jameer Thermiotis, held in March, and that of his son, the Crown Prince of Jordan Hussein, with Princess Rajwa, last June . To this is added the graduations of Prince Hashem, who said goodbye to his stage at school, and Princess Salma, who did the same with the university.

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As a host, Rania does not disappoint. Always impeccable, she has known how to live up to each of these events, which have not only marked a before and after in the lives of her offspring. Each quote that she seconded supposes an accolade for the Jordanian brand that she represents. After a few months of excessive activity, the Queen wanted to celebrate her 53rd birthday in a much more austere way. Her ‘pre-birthday’ of hers, actually. One day before blowing out the candles, Rania from Jordan went to the Hawar village to rub shoulders with the matriarchs of this rural community and spend a day among songs, traditions and talks around tea.

Between tradition and modernity

Rania among Hawar women


“It’s been lovely spending the afternoon with you. Thank you to all the women I’ve met in Hawar village today. What an example of amazing women supporting each other“, the Queen shared on her Instagram. The monarch has opened the photo album of this appointment in which she can be seen very smiling and involved with the community. For the occasion, she chose a tunic-type dress, in a clear nod to traditions, in white and cinched at the hip with a belt.It adorned the elegant look with details of black iris, the traditional flower of Jordan.The golden brooch was put Jimmy Choo sky-high heelsRania’s fetish brand from Jordan.

Increasingly closer to its people and its traditions, gone are those years in which the Jordanian royal house was noted for living apart from its subjects and out of all reality. Rania has managed to settle the criticism by betting on proximity. Even if it is on rare occasions.

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    Rania from Jordan in an elegant tunic dress to celebrate her 53 years


  2. Rania from Jordan, very close and accessible
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    Rania from Jordan, very close and accessible


  3. Rania from Jordan turns 53
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    A most austere ‘pre-birthday’


  4. Rania from Jordan speaks with matriarchs at her 53rd birthday
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    The queen receives the affection of the matriarchs


  5. Rania from Jordan among women on her 53rd pre-birthday
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    Acclaimed and loved among her subjects