The most expensive Warhammer vehicle in the world

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Warhammer is an expensive hobby. It has been an expensive hobby for many years and getting your own army of miniatures, be they from Age of Sigmar or the futuristic Warhammer 40K can cost you hundreds or thousands of euros before you even start painting them or thinking about how to transport them from one place to another. .

The prices of the models vary depending on whether they are painted or not and the quality of the paint job. In that sense, this 24-year-old vehicle takes the cake. The Squidmar Miniatures channel YouTuber has recorded an interesting video that reviews some of the most expensive Warhammer miniature models that can be found today. At the top of that list is this Space Marine Thunderhawk Gunship, a scale metal model of the figures that went on sale in 1997. It is valuable in age alone. According Emil Nyström, the host of Squidmar Miniatures, Games Workshop only made three models of the Thunderhawk in 1995 and made it for trade show display only. When the company brought the vehicle to production, it did so in a limited and numbered series of 500 units. It was sold in a wooden box that contained the 204 pieces of the Thunderhawk and that weighed 10 kilos.

Models from that era can cost up to $ 3,000 and are even higher if they are unassembled and in their original box. Sand from the curious circumstance that this particular model was prepainted before assembly, making it the most expensive in game history. The vehicle just went up for auction in Australia, where a collector’s store bought it for a ridiculous $ 34,882.

Today you can buy an updated model of the Thunderhawk. The current version of this assault and troop transport vehicle for the Emperor’s Marines costs $ 770 and is made of resin, not metal. Five elves riding kangaroos (yeah, that exists) cost about $ 60. [Polygon]


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