The most common cosmetic surgery operations in Spain

The most common cosmetic surgery operations in Spain


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According to the estimates of the International Society of Surgery (ISAPS), Spain is the fifth country in the world in which more cosmetic surgery operations are performed. Aesthetic operations are something more and more normalized throughout the world and in our country it has been a common thing for a long time. Specifically, in Spain, an average of 400,000 operations are performed per year, based on the data handled by the Spanish Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (SECPRE), and breast augmentation interventions take center stage.

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In terms of plastic surgery, the most demanded in Spain by women is the aforementioned breast augmentation and other interventions related to it, such as the reduction or elevation of the breasts. In second place on the list of aesthetic operations with the most demand we find liposuction, which is highly requested by both women and men; and mainly in the age range between 30 and 45 years.

Liposuction is the technique that removes the fat that accumulates in some areas of the body, and now more and more liposculpture is being requested, which consists of the fat that is removed being injected into another body area to achieve the desired silhouette.

Despite remaining in second place on the list, the truth is that the demand for liposuction has decreased somewhat in recent years. And it is not a simple operation, although it is also true that it is not usual for complications to arise, but many people think about it and delay the decision since it requires removing the fatty tissue through a cannula and this intervention usually lasts several hours.

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The truth is that what continues to lead the classification and also for many years, is the aesthetic operation of breast augmentation. Official figures indicate that one in five women undergoes this popular surgical intervention throughout her life.

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One thing to highlight is the fact that the request for cosmetic surgery interventions on the vulva and penis has increased, because there are many women and men who are unhappy with the appearance or size of their genital area. In the case of women, there are some who, even when they are very young, request a labiaplasty, which is surgery on the labia minora. Thus, the interest in complying with beauty canons has also reached the genitals, reflected in an increase in interventions of this type. In Spain, genital surgeries have increased considerably in just a few years.

Both in this specific line and in the rest of cosmetic surgery interventions, the most important thing is to avoid misinformation. That is why it is essential to resort to true professionals, who are the ones who can give us a real perception of the results that can be expected from aesthetic interventions as well as their possible complications.

There is a lot of diversity in terms of bodies, and many times surgeons who are good professionals find themselves in situations in which unrealistic things are requested and they have to advise on what is the best result to obtain based on what the person wants and their personal characteristics, because there are many patients who come to the consultation with a wrong idea.

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The interventions that have a more beautiful final result are those that are performed within the anatomical and physiological limits of each person. For this reason, it is best to place yourself in the hands of reliable surgeons, with experience and demonstrable good results.

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