The month of December of the Knicks, a big test for Tom Thibodeau

With a record of 10 wins for 12 losses after the first quarter of the regular season, the Knicks are back in the soft underbelly of the Eastern Conference. And to make matters worse, they will have to face a hellish month of December, which could cost Tom Thibodeau dearly if the losses were ever to follow each other…

The good vibes that accompanied the very first games of the season (3-1 record after four games) seem far gone today. The Knicks over the last seven games? Five defeats on the counter. So certainly, in their defense, they had to face heavy (Golden State, Phoenix, Portland, Memphis and Milwaukee), but the bad news is that the calendar will not give many gifts to Tom Thibodeau’s men during the month of Christmas.

The Knicks’ opponents between December 3 and 27

  • Dallas twice
  • Cleveland
  • Atlanta
  • Charlotte
  • Sacramento
  • Chicago three times
  • Indiana
  • Golden State
  • Toronto
  • Philadelphia

Outside of the Hornets and Bulls, all of the teams listed above have a better record than the Knicks today. In the lot we also find many teams that we can consider solid without being part of the elite like Boston, Milwaukee or even Phoenix, which will therefore represent a good test for our New York friends.

“Test”, exactly, is the word to remember because if the latest news from the Big Apple is to be believed, president of basketball operations Leon Rose will be watching the behavior of the Knicks very closely in the coming weeks.

“Ever since the loss to Oklahoma City, where the Knicks gave up 145 points at home, Leon Rose has watched this group closely night after night when it comes to results on the court. […] Over the coming weeks, he will assess the behavior of the team, whether it is competitive, whether there is cohesion, and what that will look like. »

– Ian Begley, insider (CUT)

No need to sign it for you. If things go wrong, changes can happen internally. And the first name that comes to mind is necessarily that of coach Tom Thibodeau, whose seat has already started to warm up after this famous game against the Thunder in mid-November.

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After a first season in New York where he really managed to establish his footing, Thibs saw his position eroded during the Knicks’ hyper-disappointing campaign last year, and for now we’re on roughly the same footing despite the solid performances of rookie Jalen Brunson and a Julius Randle who has found his basketball. The number that probably tickles Leon Rose today is 114.1: it corresponds to New York’s defensive efficiency this year, only 26th in the NBA. As a reminder, there are 30 teams in the League, we’ll let you judge. Obviously, this is especially true for a coach like Thibodeau who is known above all for his defensive spirit…

Have we just begun the final month of Tom Thibodeau at the helm of the Knicks? Of course, this is a real possibility in the event that New York misses the upcoming deadlines. However, President Leon Rose can also reassess the current workforce to potentially make any changes he deems necessary. One thing is for sure, change is in the air in New York.

Source text: Ian Begley SNY



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