the money they had won in the lotto 9 months earlier involved

John Donato, Tiffani Hill and their 2-year-old daughter Leanne were found lifeless in a residence in the United States all three summers. The preliminary investigation revealed that John, the husband and father of the little girl, first shot his wife and daughter before turning the gun on him.

What could explain this gesture of desperation is that last November, Tiffani won $ 2 million in the California lottery. After her victory, she married John, with whom she already had four children.

These 2 million have become a black spot in the family sowing discord between the couple, as Closer relates. Tiffani wishes to leave John, become violent, who does not see it that way.

It’s Tiffani’s family that sees it that way. She wants this story to be talked about to help women who are victims of domestic violence.

According to a source, the couple’s four children were present in the house during the tragedy. But only Leanne, the smallest, died.


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