The miracle of Leverkusen! Schalke is in the DM semifinals

Because Leverkusen couldn’t get more than 2:2 against Paderborn, the U19s of FC Schalke 04 are in the semi-finals for the German championship.

At least a small miracle! The U-19 footballers FC Schalke 04 stand in Semi-finals for the German championship. Weil Bayer 04 Leverkusen in his last game of the season at the Ulrich Haberland Stadium on Saturday afternoon after a very dominant first half against the SC Paderborn 07 did not get beyond a 2:2 (1:0), the game-free team remains coach Norbert Elgert in second place in the A-Junior Bundesliga West.

The Royal Blues have 33 points after 16 games, while Leverkusen, coached by former Schalke player Sven Prettyr, who lost 3-1 at Rot-Weiss Oberhausen a week ago, only have 32. Like VfL Bochum.

Schalke meets Borussia Dortmund in the semifinals

This means that FC Schalke 04 will meet the sovereign West German champions in their games in the semi-finals for the German championship Borussia Dortmund, who finished the season in a superior manner (44 points) and didn’t lose a single game: 14 wins, including 4-0 against the Elgert team, and two draws.

The first leg in Dortmund is scheduled for next Saturday (May 7, 11 a.m.), the second leg in Gelsenkirchen for May 15 (Sunday, 11 a.m.). The champions of the South/Southwest and North/Northeast Bundesliga seasons, FC Augsburg and Hertha BSC, will decide who will face Dortmund or Schalke in the final.

Westfalenpokal final between Schalke and Dortmund on May 25th

The planned date for the final, in which Dortmund or Schalke would have to play away, is May 29 (1 p.m.).

The Schalke A-Juniors can compete with BVB three more times this season because these two teams will also contest the final of the Westphalian Cup. Incidentally, this game has now been scheduled and will be played on May 25 (Wednesday, 6:30 p.m.) in the Parkstadion.

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