The Ministry of Internal Affairs warned the Russians about the advanced scheme of telephone fraud

Bank customers are increasingly faced with a more advanced scam scheme that uses voice robots.

Vladimir Vasenin, the head of the IiOS GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, said that bank customers began to encounter a more advanced fraudulent scheme using voice robots more often. This is reported by “Evening Moscow”.

He clarified that the victim first receives a call from a bank robotic assistant. If the victim of the scammers refuses to follow the prompts, a pseudo-bank security officer steps in.

“The robot reports that certain suspicious transactions have been committed with the victim’s personal account. Further, in tone mode, they are asked to confirm. If a person refuses to do this, there is a connection with a false employee of the security service of the credit institution, ”Vasenin noted.

Further, in the course of a telephone conversation, the scammers try to obtain personal data from the victim.

The publication added that a 32-year-old girl has recently become a victim of scammers, who has followed all the scammers’ instructions. As a result, she lost money and took out a loan in the amount of more than two million rubles.



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