The Ministry of Health reveals the black fungus treatment protocol and warns of delaying treatment

The Ministry of Health and Population revealed the methods of treating patients infected with black fungus, as treatment with anti-fungal drugs is carried out under full medical supervision.

The Ministry of Health and Population said in today’s post: If the disease is not controlled, it becomes dangerous, noting that the treatment period ranges from 4 to 6 weeks, and sometimes its treatment may require surgery to remove dead or infected tissues, such as removing the eyes or the upper jaw to stop the spread of infection.

And the Ministry of Health and Population continued: If the treatment of the black fungus is not started early, it may cause death, and death rates reach from 20 to 50 percent for people with severe symptoms, depending on the type of fungus causing the disease and the affected part of the body.

The Ministry of Health and Population had developed a definition of black fungus disease, and the Ministry represented by the preventive medicine sector said that black fungus disease is a fungal disease that affects humans as a side effect of the deterioration of the immune system, but it is rare and usually affects the mucous membranes lining the sinuses, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth or The bones of the face may extend to the lungs or even blood vessels.

She said that the type that affects the nasal mucosa that affects the sinuses and may extend to the brain and the type that affects the lung is the most common type, and the other less common types are skin infection, gastrointestinal injury, and the diffuse type.