The Ministry of Health calls for an urgent vaccination against the flu: 57 dead since the epidemic – © Infos-Israel.News

The Department of Health is urging people 6 months and older to get a flu shot. The flu vaccine can be given with the coronavirus vaccine or any time before or after it.

Most of the patients were infected with the influenza A virus, which was identified in the Central Viral Laboratory as the influenza A/H3 subtype, which is included in the flu vaccine introduced this season in Israel.

Since last week, a total of 3,663 hospitalized patients have been diagnosed with the flu, including 1,087 children and 230 pregnant and laboring women, according to the National Center for Disease Control.

During the week ending 01/01/2022, there were 57 deaths among laboratory-confirmed hospitalized influenza patients, most aged 65 or older. However, it is not yet known whether influenza was the leading cause of death.


The incidence of influenza in the country continues to occur in children, adolescents, young people and pregnant women.

The flu virus can cause serious illnesses such as pneumonia, other respiratory complications, myocarditis and even death.

The Department of Health emphasizes the importance of flu vaccinations now.

Press service of the Ministry of Health.


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