The Minister of Sports ends the dispute between Al-Ahly and Zamalek

Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, announced the end of the recent dispute between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, after the White Club withdrew its congratulations to the Red Club, before Al-Ahly channel issued an official statement apologizing for what happened yesterday, Saturday.

The committee in charge of managing the Zamalek club headed by Hussein Labib announced that it had withdrawn the congratulations presented to Al-Ahly Club after winning the African Champions League title for the tenth time in its history.

For its part, Al-Ahly channel issued a statement apologizing to the management of Zamalek Club for what it had done, noting that one of the employees was suspended from work and transferred to the investigation in preparation for his dismissal.

And the official account of Al-Ahly channel via the social networking site “Twitter” was in response to the congratulations of the Zamalek administration in a tweet, in which it said: “We are waiting for you for the next championship in order to repeat the meeting last year.”

The Al-Ahly channel account deleted that tweet, and the Zamalek club deleted its congratulations to Al-Ahly from all its accounts and its official website.

The statement of the Ministry of Sports was as follows:

Within the framework of full concern for the fraternal ties between the parties to the sports system and the efforts of the state, which aim at more synergy to serve the higher interest of the country.

Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, exchanged information. Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahly, and Captain Hussein Labib, President of Zamalek Club, the positive contacts, all of which came rejecting all actions that come from here or there to undermine the historical relationship that links the two poles of Egyptian sports.

Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, congratulated Al-Ahly Club and its board of directors on the occasion of winning the African Champions League, stressing his keen interest in the unity of class and cooperation between all sports institutions, and that it is necessary to support the great efforts made by the state in all directions, which are facing difficult challenges during this stage. He pointed out that the two poles of Egyptian football bear the greatest burden of contributing to the sporting boom in line with the great development that prevails in the various fields in the country.

For his part, Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib expressed his appreciation for the state’s efforts and support for sports institutions, especially the clubs that represent Egypt in foreign forums.

The President of Al-Ahly valued the congratulations of Captain Hussein Labib and his board of directors to Al-Ahly and its fans on the occasion of winning the African Champions League, stressing his full appreciation for this good initiative in light of the spirit that prevails between the two poles, especially as he rejects any actions that disturb this relationship and even hopes for more cooperation between all sister clubs.

On the other hand, Captain Hussein Labib stressed his appreciation for the contacts that took place with Dr. Ashraf Sobhi and Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib to clarify some views regarding what some social networking sites have recently addressed, and to emphasize the great appreciation of Al-Ahly Club for its brother Zamalek Club, and to appreciate the congratulations he received on winning the African Championship and his keenness On the good relationship between the two clubs.

Captain Hussein Labib indicated that every achievement achieved by any Egyptian club is in the interest of Egyptian sports, and that Zamalek Club is proud of its relations with all clubs, and even looks forward to more cooperation and rapprochement to serve the interest of the national teams in all sports.


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