The mental health counselor presents an awareness prescription for the student and the family before the secondary exams

Ahmed Haroun, a counselor for mental health and psychotherapy, and a member of the International Association for Family Therapy, said that parents always put their children under great psychological pressure and huge challenges in high school, and put the student in a state of war, but it is true that we must put the student in a position of responsibility without putting him under pressure. Noting that they make comparisons with other friends or relatives, and these pressures cause health problems during the exam period.

The counselor for mental health and psychotherapy indicated during his dialogue with the Al-Hayat Al-Youm program on Al-Hayat channel, that during the past years, he noticed that a large number of young people suffer from excessive heartbeat, up to the point of angina, and also episodes of nervousness that reach the point of stroke, and some of them suffer from the so-called Hysterical and functional paralysis, because young people suffer from the psychological burden that the family places on them to obtain high grades.

Ahmed Haroun explained that families issue false ideas to their children, which is that high grades must be achieved in order for the family not to lose its prestige, adding that they burden the children and demand that they do what they could not reach in the past.

Ahmed Haroun stressed that it is not correct for parents to pressure their children to achieve what they dreamed of, both in practical and academic life, pointing out that each person differs from the other in his life and style and the obstacles he faces in addition to the change of generations, methods of education and mental level.



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