The memes of Ben Affleck after the honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez

The Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck weddingor the revival of bennifer, is along with Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock, one of the events of the year in terms of entertainment. He has won love!

And it is that social networks are a clear reflection of the enormous empathy that they have for this couple, one of those who enjoy the most spotlight in the world of entertainment.

Since their reunion, after 20 years of their courtship and after JLo’s breakup with baseball player Alex Rodríguez, fans of the gossip press focused their attention on their relationship, but also on its effects.

And it is that happiness in JLo is radiant, while Ben’s image, somewhat careless, has given rise to criticism and especially to memes, especially if we remember the marriage clause that talks about sexual relations.

Furthermore, the image of Ben Affleck asleep It has been all matter for social networks, unleashing the hello of memes.

Next, we leave you all the creativity of the users of social networks towards the passion of bennifer.

The memes of the passion of bennifer

We open this series of memes with one of the most popular content creators on Twitter, who in exchange for 5 favs gives you a meme, and here he leaves a hilarious video of Ben asleep.

The comparisons of JLo’s photo after Jennifer’s wedding night show all her happiness, but Ben…

And someone did not forget to remember a past of the New Yorker:

How about another photo of Jennifer versus Ben…

Or Ben waiting for the party to start:

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And purpose of the photo of Jason Momoa that leaked the appearance of Batman in the second Aquaman movie.

And how are Laura Bozzo and Ben Affleck alike?

Also Henry Canvill, good Superman came to Affleck’s rescue.

…and to finish off a piece of art based on our Batmaffleck.




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