The memes left by AMLO’s visit after his meeting in Washington with Joe Biden

After the meeting with the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador at the White House with President Joe Biden, Internet users did not miss the opportunity to recreate the best moments of the meeting with memes.

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Well, in his first official meeting of AMLO with his counterpart Joe Biden, various memes emerged on networks, due to the appearance of the Mexican president in Washington.

Therefore, important issues that were discussed at the meeting related to migration, pandemic and cooperation for development and well-being, went unnoticed among Internet users.

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Well, the graphic creatives preferred to take into account how “misaligned” AMLO was in the meeting with Biden, as well as the laughter caused by Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller’s clothes and the blow she took, when she leaned out the window while her Obrador’s husband received a serenade upon his arrival, to create funny memes on networks.


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