The Medium: Xbox X / S probably loses exclusive titles – to the PS5

The Medium is so far the only exclusive to the Xbox Series X / S. And everything indicates that this has been the case for the longest time. Apparently a version for the PlayStation 5 is planned.

“Xbox has no exclusive titles” is often hated on social media. And with the currently increasing evidence of a PS5 version of the only Xbox Series X / S-exclusive horror game The Medium to date, this ridicule could become a reality for the time being.

The current strong case for this is the recently emerged American age rating through the ESRBwhich mentions Sony’s console. Usually a clear indication of an imminent official announcement. This news is not too surprising, because a The Medium was only communicated as time-exclusive. Only an announcement for other platforms has so far not been made.

So when will there be an official announcement? With the E3 at the door, the case should be pretty clear. Koch Media, the publisher of the title, is holding its own showcase event, called Koch Primetime, in the run-up to the fair. This will take place on June 11th at 9:00 p.m.

The horror from two worlds – gaming session on The Medium

The Medium is one of the first exclusive games for the new Xbox Series X | S. Felix has faced his fears and plays the horror for you.

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