The Mediterranean Games in Almeria examine the regularity of Sabadell

BarcelonaIf anything is lived in football is moments. Of positive and negative dynamics, and it is these circumstances that can decide complete seasons. Taking advantage of them or not can send you headlong to hell or leave you without a chance on the ascent. Sabadell and Almeria are now enjoying a long-sought regularity, and found thanks to work. The results between one entity and the other have nothing to do, but both are satisfied with their place in the rankings. And even more so considering the darkness of the first championship dates. The Andalusians are third in the table, accumulating 7 wins in the last 8 matches, including the handle on the Alava in the Copa del Rey match. Those of Antonio Noble do not know what it is to lose in league from the six of December in the defeat before the Oviedo by 0-1. A month and a half in which the harlequins have not stopped adding points until they are out of the descent.


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