Besides that cannot be indicated in all patientss (it is necessary to evaluate certain previous health conditions and at what moment of the infection is found, the doctors explain) social works do not recognize it and it is not accessible.

The truth is that the statements of the famous actress and host did not go unnoticed. That is why, after the television interview, in his Twitter and Instagram accounts he clarified: “For all those who asked me what is the blister they gave me when I had Covid that did me so much good, it is called Tocilizumab. Please note that it cannot be supplied without a prescription and is recommended only for certain cases of Covid-19.″.

Susana had already placed a first dose of vaccine and a few days ago she had received the second when she started with symptoms typical that finally led her to hospitalization and she herself commented that her daughter was also infected but had no problems.

What is a monoclonal antibody?

Although Argentina is going through a good time in the framework of the pandemic, with few infections and the lowest number of hospitalized since the arrival of the Covid, every day there are new admissions of people with complications from the infection. In Santa Fe, for example, almost 200 people are admitted to intensive care with severe complications from Sars Cov 2.

Since Susana Giménez mentioned the drug in question in her networks (it is a monoclonal antibody), questions about its efficacy have multiplied.

The capital consulted the doctor Octavio Fernández, a pulmonologist, who since the beginning of the pandemic assists patients with Covid and who works both in the public and private spheres.

Fernández explained, first of all, what is the Tocilizumab: “It’s a monoclonal antibody (man-made proteins that act like human proteins in the immune system) that has an anti-inflammatory effect and has been used for a long time in different rheumatic diseases. In the case of Covid, Tocilizumab would have some utility, because blocks a molecule called interleukin 6, which is one of the main causes of inflammation for this pandemic disease. “

The drug has not been authorized by Anmat (the drug regulatory body in Argentina) but it is given the go-ahead to be applied in specially selected cases.

The Tocilizumab en the city

The pulmonologist, a member of the Sanatorio Parque staff, explained that in Rosario, there are experiences in the private sphere. “We have indicated it in patients who have an increase in oxygen requirement in 48 or 72 hours, that is, patients with rapid evolution and from moderate to severe and we have seen, in the few cases in which it was supplied, positive results“.

So far, the professional pointed out, “we are waiting for more studies worldwide to think about what can be used more frequently“.

In the United States and other developed countries its use is quite frequent.

“You should never give alone but it is combined in addition to corticosteroids which is the usual treatment in Covid patients with respiratory complications, “clarified Fernández.

In whom can it be indicated? The doctor mentioned that before requesting authorization to indicate Tocilizumab to a patient “We evaluate a series of clinical and laboratory parameters and that way we see if that person could benefit from the medication. “

This monoclonal antibody is not recognized at the moment by social works since it does not have the approval of Anmat, and its cost is around 120 to 150 thousand pesos. That is another of the “brakes” to use more regularly.

Following Susana Giménez’s statements and given the possibility that the population considers it to be a medication that cures Covid in a few days, the pulmonologist clarified: “Let no one think that it is a magic solution nor is it for everyone. I insist on the need for more scientific information to support it, “added Fernández.

There are other monoclonal antibodies that are also being used in Argentina to treat the disease in certain patients.

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