The media explained why the developers of Hogwarts Legacy are delaying the release date


The second half of 2022 is already underway, and the exact release date for Hogwarts Legacy is still unknown. At the Avalanche Software studio, even during the demonstration of the gameplay of the game, it was reported that the release was scheduled for the December holidays. Since then, there has been little new information about action in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, which is a source of great concern amid other games being postponed. Journalists from Forbes decided to look into the probable reasons for the silence on the release date of Hogwarts Legacy.

As noted by the editors of the foreign portal, Hogwarts Legacy is the only major project in 2022 that does not yet have an exact release date. Journalists recalled the statements of authoritative insider Colin Moriarty, who reported serious problems in the development of the game. Judging by the fact that no new information about Hogwarts Legacy appeared on the network after the March presentation of the game, most likely the team of authors of the project is still experiencing difficulties.

By all standards, Hogwarts Legacy should have been heavily promoted and advertised for a late 2022 release. Even ahead of Gamescom, no mention is made of Avalanche Software’s game, despite the fact that it completely missed the game’s presentations in June.

Forbes believes that developers are afraid to repeat the “Cyberpunk 2077 mistake”. Hogwarts Legacy is quite an ambitious game and the creators obviously don’t want to push themselves into a time frame, so the game’s release will most likely be postponed.

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