French actress Renée Simonot, stage name of Renée-Jeanne Deneuve, He died yesterday Thursday in Paris at the age of 109, his relatives communicated to the French newspaper Le Figaro. Maurice Dorléac’s widow (which is why she was also known as Renée Dorléac) was the mother of actresses Catherine Deneuve, Françoise Dorléac (died 1967) and Sylvie Dorléac, and grandmother of actor Christian Vadim (Catherine’s son with director Roger Vadim) and the actress Chiara Mastroianni (Catherine’s daughter with the great Marcello).

In addition to having given birth to one of the most legendary lines in European cinema, Renée Simonot also has a professional background dedicated to acting. Mainly in the theater, since He made his debut on the tables of the Parisian Odéon at the age of seven and she remained its leading actress for the next several decades, until she was 35 years old. It was there that he adopted the surname Simonot as a stage name in homage to a friend of his mother.

What’s more, Simonot was a pioneering voice actress in the French industry, beginning as one of the first interpreters to dub with her voice the performances of the American talkies that came to France. He voiced classic Hollywood actresses such as Olivia de Havilland, Sylvia Sidney, Judy Garland, Esther Williams, and Donna Reed, among many others.

It was thus, dubbing MGM films in French, that she met her husband, the actor Maurice Dorléac, in 1940. After World War II, he practically put his professional career aside to dedicate himself to raising his family. Deneuve, her maiden name, was changed to the stage name of her daughter Catherine, which this week was at the Cannes Film Festival presenting the film In his lifetimeby Emmanuelle Bercot when the news broke.